audit, risk & compliance recruitment is everything and all we do

We represent the industry's top talent, from the newly qualified to Head of and Director level, matching them with our clients' specialised needs in three distinct ways:


Executive Search

Engaging with executive committee level individuals requires expertise, credibility and rigour. Our highly trained head-hunters are skilled networkers with the market knowledge needed to fulfil any brief.

We pride ourselves on delivering successful hires at executive level and work to a provensearch &  selection methodology.


Contingent Solutions

When you’re looking for the best talent you need a recruitment partner that proactively works with the best active candidate population, but who also works hard to discover and assess the best passive candidates.

We invest our time in building relationships, giving us an unrivalled knowledge of the audit and risk talent pools


Interim & Contract

​We spend every day engaging with, screening, assessing and checking outstanding audit and risk Interim and Contract professionals and are ready to provide our clients with immediate, short-term injections of expertise.


audit & risk recruitment is everything and all we do

We've been specialising in the recruitment of Internal Audit, Internal Controls, Risk and Compliance professionals since 2000

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Internal Audit 

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Internal Controls

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IT Audit

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Fraud & Forensic

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Risk Management

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Risk Advisory

we help the best to find the best

We recruit for the world’s largest and most recognised organisations, which means we advise our candidates on the broadest and best career options across the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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Financial Services

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Consumer &


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Business &



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Media &


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Life Sciences

& Healthcare

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Energy &