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Google Reviews


I'm not 100% sure I fully understand the value of having a good Google company page in our industry... It's the last place I look when I research the competition! I look at their website, check! I look at their LinkedIn page and their LinkedIn activity, check! I look them up on Glassdoor, check! I check out what jobs they post, and on which job boards they are most prolific, check and check! Have I ever looked at their Google pages? NO, NEVER!

That said, we have a company Google page (to be honest, I can't remember how it even came to being, even though it was definitely me that set it up), and so for the past 12 months I have made an effort to keep it up to date with blogs, articles and pictures, my thinking being, 'If you have one, make sure it's a good one'! 

In more recent months I have made an effort to fill the reviews pages with some content and asked a few of our contacts if they'd be kind enough to write something about their experience of using us. It's early days and as I write this, we have 18 reviews...Not many when you consider that over the past 5 or so years we've worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of candidates but, you have to start somewhere. 

As part of this exercise, I have now looked at lots of competing recruitment companies Googlepages and have concluded that no one bothers with them. They are, on the whole, ignored and bereft of content... do these companies know something I don't? Am I wasting my time with this?

I'll admit, it feels good having people saying great things about you and giving you '5-star' ratings and, I suspect there's some SEO value in having a full and frequently updated Google page - let's see! As we grow and as people in the business take on more responsibility, I welcome more critical and constructive feedback so we can pick up on our weaknesses and invest in areas we might otherwise miss. 

If you’ve written us a review, ‘Thank you’, it means a lot! If you've worked with us in any capacity and have some thoughts you’d like to share, please click on the following link: or feel free to email me directly on