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Developments at Paddington


When we launched The Audit & Recruitment Company in Sept of 2014, we rented shared office space from The Office Group (TOG), and spent our formative 12 months working from the sofa's and chairs of the lounge room in their 19 Eastbourne Terrace building. There's nothing unusual about this and we certainly weren't the only start up in the lounge back then. What was slightly unusual was that our front door was hidden behind a hole in the ground, which over the past 5 years has turned into the main concourse of the Paddington stop of the Elizabeth Line, and the only way to access our 'office' (lounge), was to take a small flight of stairs half way along Platform 1 of the mainline Station. This created a few challenges when inviting people to come and meet with us, with a few people getting lost trying to find us, and more than a few people likening us to a certain scene in the Harry Potter films.

Nearly 5 years on we're still in the same 19 Eastbourne Terrace building run by TOG, albeit we're no longer in the shared lounge (something to do with being too big and too noisy), and have watched that big hole in the ground turn into the 'nearly' finished Paddington Station of the Elizabeth Line and it's been truly amazing to have a front seat view (our window overlooks the building site) of this enormous engineering project.

Unable to escape the watching eye of Google who's algorithms have noted that I spend a lot of time in Paddington Station, my YouTube feed included a link to the attached clip showing me how the building work was coming on so finally I got to see what was happening underground. 

If you're interested in big engineering projects, check out the attached link to YouTube

If you're interested in renting office space, I can highly recommend The Office Group (TOG), they have looked after us really well over the past 5 years, and

If you're anything to do with audit, risk, compliance, cyber security/info security please give me a call on 07824 153 279